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All courses include weekly Webinars.
Trading - heard of it already, right?
Discover what it really means, the possibilities and start learning today. Learn about Webinars, Backing and our Coachings on the next slides!

Our weekly webinars provide everything that you need - you are the director!
Everything you want to learn will be included in the webinars, including the last week’s trades and news as well as new indicators and mindsets.


All webinars are recorded in 1080p and presented exclusively to our students.

When we started mentoring people, we found out that you have to be confident and situated in a safe environment. However, as soon as money is involved, you start losing the "safe" feeling. This is why we introduced our "Backed Trading" service.
We are backing up your initial investment so that you can focus solely on trading.
We'll customize a strategy for you taking into account your goals, mindset and experience. You won't be left alone in this new venture. From the beginning to the end of the course, you are able to get help, personal chats and as much help as you need.

Get in touch directly per Skype or E-Mail - no sketchy sign-up forms here!

Trust & Transparency

We believe in trust and transparency about what and how we do it. In the trading business, there are tons of people promising you all sorts of things - AutoTraders, instant profits or huge profits with no work. We are not in business to make false promises or sensational estimates. We try to communicate directly with our students and explain everything - starting from zero.

Please check our Webinars or contact us directly per Skype.

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What we do

Most of our students come to us on their own and all they know about trading is from "The Wolf of Wall Street." For this reason, our courses require no experience in trading, the stock market or anything related.

Our coaching videos and webinars will instantly introduce you to the world of trading – check out our courses here!

Get Your Coaching Now

We'll create you a personalized trading strategy, incorporate your income goals and your available time. The coaching is open-end until we've got everything figured out for you. There are of course no strings attached.

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Live Trading

(18th June 2015)

$371.25 Profit in 17min

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Older Trading Sessions

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See us trade!

We also offer Live Trading multiple times a month - see and hear us trade the same trades as you do and follow along on our shared screen. This opportunity is presented in every course.

Backing you

“We will back your initial investment.”. It’s true. A simple yet effective statement. If you should experience a loss, we will pay you back so that you can focus on trading. See why, here!

We're there

Get in touch through Skype, E-Mail or WhatsApp - you won't be left alone in this course as a good relationship between mentor and students is a must for us!


We coded our very own software. How does it work? Simply put: VPS, lots of calculations, and your desktop client getting notifications. Want to learn more? Click here.