Backing? Indeed!

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How and why

We are backing up your initial investment. Really.

Watch the video nearby and see me explaining why we do this. Also read below to get an impression of our motivation behind this.


When we started mentoring people, we found out that "learning" has to be in a safe and confident environment. However, as soon as money is involved, you start losing the "safe" feeling. This is why we introduced our "Backed Trading" service - we will pay all your losses so that you get back to your initial investment (or above).

100% Guaranteed.

Learning should be learning. In this case, you can keep all your profits and we cover all your losses. Sounds fair, right?



We believe in our work.

This is why we are offering to back up all potential losses from your investment. As a trading group, our financial background is secure enough to be able to pay you back 100% of your losses. Since we are working to get you started as a trader, we want to provide you with a secure starting point. Since the classic package is free, when you start trading with us, we will receive a small percentage of your earnings (you earn 50$, we get 4-6$).

Simple: You earn with us, we earn with you. Win-Win.