Our Software

The Client

There are many websites out there, claiming that if you use their software, profits are guaranteed. We are only claiming that we coded this tool ourselves and if you look at the video below, you'll get a sneak peek at what it really does.

No mystery here, just nights of coding by us to make reading charts more comfortable and efficient.

Rocket science

Our software does the job that most students dislike: reading and analyzing charts. This software looks for the same patterns that we will be teaching you, so you know what you'll be getting. Once the software has discovered the pattern, it is going to notify you and you are free to trade, wait, or just continue whatever you were doing before.

Anytime. Everywhere.

We built a client for all Windows systems that connects directly to our VPS. Notifications are transmitted under 100ms from the server - time is money! Every student gets his/her unique login to the client. The software is yours for life, even if you are no longer a student.