Our Pricing

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Two choices

We are offering two different pricing options: Either you get in for free and take part in "United Profit" or you pay the one time fee - whatever suits you most!

See me explaining it in the video on the left.

United Profit

Our most popular pricing option. With "United Profit," we can offer our course for free because we are involved in your earnings. In this scenario, we are getting a dynamic percentage of your profits, normally around 3-7%.

Consequently, whenever you earn $100, we are receiving a fixed percentage (not deducted from your profit, we are being paid by the broker). So it is in our best interests that you earn money, it’s a win-win situation.


One Time Fee

Don't like sharing? No worries, you can also pay our one-time fee and get into the course right away. Our one-time fee includes everything the "United Profits" option includes, except for the percentage that we are getting from the broker.

Payment has to be done via PayPal or Wire Transfer, please contact us for other methods. The fee is $349 (if per PayPal, please also pay the fee).